Elemental Vinyasa Flow Workshop

Saturday, 25 May 2019 from 14:00-16:30   at Yoga Life Wilmslow Off A34, Handforth Bypass, SK9 3PE Wilmslow, Cheshire

Book online https://yogalifewilmslow.com/events/

Each workshop will focus on one of the five Elements water, earth, air, space and fire and how we can harness these to bring more balance into our lives. During this workshop we’ll be diving into the element of water or Jala. With creative, fluid and strong vinyasa flow sequences, Mudra, mantra and pranayama to support us on our journey to embodying this element and the blossoming of swadhisthana chakra – sequences inspired by the teachings of shiva rea ✨ workshop will end with relaxing yoga nidra