Summer Flow & Restore Candlelight Workshop

Summer Flow & Restore Candlelight Workshop heart

During this workshop we will learn to move with grace and ease as we flow like a summer breeze through various asanas and Vinyasa Flow sequences all linked by the breath. We will explore back bending asanas (postures) to open the heart space and supported inversions to calm and quiet the mind. We will physically stretch the muscles in our chests, shoulders and thoracic spine to open the heart space. This can create a deep emotional release which allows us to express ourselves more clearly and move forward from past tensions. So let’s embrace our emotions and explore a mixture of steady flowing postures before slowing the pace with a grounding sequence of Yin Yoga, all practiced in the summer evening glow of candlelight. We will then complete the workshop with Savasana and a guided meditation to leave ourselves feeling reawakened and connected to our deeper selves.

6pm – 8pm Sunday 14th June 2014

Workshop taught by Maria Kelly

Held at Hale Yoga and Ayurveda, 161d Ashley Rd, Hale

Cost £20 – To book your space please contact Booking is necessary as this is a small studio and spaces are limited.


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I try never to miss Maria’s candlelight yoga workshops which I find challenging and enjoyable in equal measure. I love the smooth and effective combination of yoga movements and meditation and always leave feeling calm in mind and body’  – Nancy, Hale

Candlelight Restorative Flow Workshop

Candlelight Yoga

Candlelight Restorative Flow Yoga Workshop – Sunday 29th December 2014 6pm – 8pm

Join me for this Restorative Flow Yoga workshop where we will explore a variety of yoga postures (asanas) linked together by creative Vinyasa Flow sequencing which will help you to unwind and restore from the Christmas party season. The sequences are designed to free the body and mind of stress and create the feel of a moving meditation (and hopefully burn off a few mince pies as well!)
We will then move into a quieter and more gentle Yin flow practice exploring various seated postures which can assist with removing blockages and improving the energy flow throughout the entire body.
The workshop will end with breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation by candlelight that will leave everyone feeling relaxed, calm and ready to take on the New Year.

Workshop costs £12 – booking is necessary as this is a small studio and spaces are limited. Booking will be confirmed once payment received.

Workshop will be held and Hale Yoga & Ayurveda, 161d Ashley Road, Hale, Cheshire (next door to RBS Bank)