A tiny hut in Key West is where my yoga journey began. I remember my first class well – the tightness in my body, my arms shaking in downward facing dog and thinking how the teacher looked so graceful whilst I felt like I could hardly move. The feeling I got after the class though and what I experienced during savasana had me hooked. I remember thinking “I want to teach this I need to tell other people how amazing yoga is.”

This was 1997 and I would not embark on my teacher training until 2010. Why take so long? Well there are many personal reasons as to why I took this stop gap. The main thing for me was though that I found this ancient and healing practice.  

The word yoga means to be present and to be embodied, to notice what is really going on both physically and mentally. As much as we would sometimes like to we cannot escape ourselves. Getting on my yoga mat most days encourages me to notice how my body feels physically, where I am holding my tension and how I am feeling emotionally. I listen to my feelings and responses with a sense of curiosity and interest. Through yoga I understand that our body and minds need are interconnected and that they need time, self care and understanding so we can release the physical tension and stress that our bodies carry and ease our over thinking minds.

It is my belief we can all benefit from the practice of yoga, whether you consider yourself a novice or want support in your existing practice. The teachings that I have learnt over the years will support you on all levels giving you the skills you need to develop and navigate your way.

I wish you well on your journey,

With warmth,

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