Why it’s great to be grateful.

If you’ve been to class recently you may have heard me mention showing gratitude or being thankful for our practice. Well there’s a reason for this as after some recent research it appears that being grateful really does have a positive effect on our emotional brain. In fact it’s a sign of emotional well being and intelligence. Even the process of thinking and searching for something to feel thankful about enhances the production of serotonin and dopamine(feel good hormones) automatically lifting our mood and making us feel better. Although this isn’t a natural process for most of us we have to remember to do this. So why not get yourself a gratitude jar…..a friend brought me one of these a few years ago which you fill with notes of anything that you’re thankful for. Or pop a reminder on your fridge…What am I Grateful for today? Try asking yourself this now. For me it’s having an opportunity to help out a friend and fellow yoga teacher this morning by covering his class last minute, having food in my cupboards and time in my day to practice Yoga.

Gratitude requires thought but it’s by giving it some attention that we begin to feel it’s benefits. Perhaps take a moment to sit with these thoughts of thankfulness in meditation you’ll be surprised how good it feels. And lastly our deepest sense of gratitude comes through grace and being humble, if you can cultivate these feelings alongside whatever your object of gratitude is placed on you’ll find it quite impossible to feel negative, no matter how hard things get there is also something you can find to feel grateful for.

Pregnancy Flow Yoga Classes


Tuesdays 730pm – 830pm at Lymm Heritage Centre, 1 Legh St. Lymm WA13 0DA

Pre book as only 6 per class. 

£60 for 6 weeks guarantees a place or £10 drop in if a space becomes free. 

Classes are created for the 2nd and 3rd trimester or pregnancy. 

Benefits of practicing Prenatal Yoga?

Yoga strengthens the body helping it to cope with the extra weight of carrying your baby. Yoga poses focus on correct postural alignment helping women to understand the changes and effects pregnancy can have on their bodies.

Regular practice can help relieve physical tension and stresses from the body, which often build up as a result of the baby growing, circulation is improved so that swelling due to the extra fluid and blood flow is less likely, this also assists with lymphatic drainage enhancing immunity and creating a healthier environment for you and your baby.

Practicing Yoga whilst pregnant can help to lift your mood at a time when you can feel overwhelmed. Yoga helps you to accept and understand the changes that may be occurring hormonally and the effects this can have both physically and physiologically.

Pregnancy Yoga incorporates various breathing techniques to calm the nervous system helping you to feel more relaxed through pregnancy, these breathing exercises are also beneficial during labour helping you to stay calm and in control no matter what path the birth takes.

Meditation and Visualisation exercises help deal with anxiety and quieten an over active mind aiding relaxation, better sleep and an overall greater sense of wellbeing.

Yoga for Pregnancy – One to One sessions available

Each session lasts for 1 hour and can be taken at your home address or chosen location. Visit the online store to book a class or 1:1

Gift vouchers are available.


Living in the moment……practising Mindfulness

Living in the moment……practising Mindfulness liveinthemoment

Nowhere to go, nothing to do. This is a simple mantra that I often use at the end of class during savasana. Of course we all have lots to do and places to go but I like to remind everyone that just for a moment none of that matters. I realise this is easier said than done because the first time I heard the mantra my reaction was to immediately think of all the things that I must do and cursed the teacher for reminding me. However, what we need to accept is that none of these thoughts entering our minds do matter, at least not for the time we are in Savasana, not if we are practising Sati or Smrti (mindfulness) and living in the moment.

In the Yoga Sutra, the sage Patanjali defined yoga as citta vritti nirodha, which translated roughly means when you cease to identify with your ever-changing thoughts, you experience the state of yoga: the heart, body, and mind unify, and you recognize your true nature. Practising Vinyasa Flow Yoga which can be seen as a moving meditation is a means of experiencing this.

It’s not easy to lessen the flow of mind traffic. Our minds are always on the go these days and constantly looking for stimulation. We worry about the future and our past actions and it can be difficult to just be and seize the moment. As John Lennon said “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. If there is one thing I’ve discovered on my Yoga journey is that I’m guilty like most people of this. So my Sadhana (dedication) on this journey is to practice living in the moment, not worrying about the past or the future and reminding myself that during Savasana there really is nowhere to go and nothing to do.Santa Monica Cape Verde