Baby Clothing for SANDS Charity

Baby Clothing for SANDS Charity

donating £1 per item sold to Sands through the work for good scheme

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About Sands:
Sands is the UKs leading stillbirth and neonatal death charity. For over 40 years, Sands has been the informed voice of bereaved parents and families, and provided accredited bereavement and mental health support.
Sands exists to:
•                        to support anyone affected by the death of a baby for as long as they need
•                        to work in partnership with healthcare professionals, NHS and Governments to ensure that bereaved parents and families receive the best possible care
•                        to promote improvements in practice, campaigns and research to help reduce the number of babies dying

Sands’ vision is to make the UK the safest place in the world to give birth by halving the number of babies that die during pregnancy or birth by 2025. Our ambition is to give every baby the best possible start to life, and every mother across the country, no matter what their background is or where they live, access to the best possible maternity care.

Although our ambition is high, we have a strong track record of success. Sands has helped lower baby deaths from 20 babies a day in 1978 to 14 in 2018, and is proud of its history of sector-wide policy, campaigns and multidisciplinary collaborations.

Bereavement support following the death of a baby is highly specialised. Our free bereavement support resources is vital to the mental health and wellbeing of bereaved parents and healthcare professionals. No other organisation provides dedicated bereavement support to individuals and families at point of need throughout their bereavement and grief journey, regardless of how long ago their baby died. Sands is there for them whether it is before they deliver, or many years later as they look back on their loss.

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Sunday Restorative Yoga

New ‘Studio’ Workshop at Cheshire Wellness Centre, Lymm

Sunday Restorative Yoga for deep rest 🙏🏼

➡️Next workshops will be Sunday 21st November 10am – 12pm

➡️A 2 hour workshop includes yin, restorative yoga and yoga nidra. The location is the tranquil environment of Cheshire wellness centre located just outside Lymm and a short walk along the canal to Dunham. Enjoy a FREE herbal tea on the Veranda before or after class 🙏🏼

➡️Workshop cost is £25

➡️Book via the button below (only 7 spaces available)

Daily Rituals & Routines for a Healthier Life

Who does not want to feel healthy and begin their day feeling full of energy and vitality? Over time I have adapted my Dinacharya or Ayurveda daily routine to fit as many of the rituals below in as possible. It’s a great way to begin and end the day as Ayurveda is all about self care and aligning with your Prakriti or true nature.

Wakey wakey!

Ideally wake up before 6am as after this time the Kapha cycle begins, which tends to feel heavier. Rising during the vata time will lend itself to a lighter and clearer nature. (there are some exceptions here, for example small children and their parents)

Better out than in.

Upon rising it is important to eliminate toxins and the previous day’s waste as this build up can affect our mood, digestion, and immunity. Elimination is done through urination and bowel movement. Drinking a cup of warm water may help with this process.

Cleansing the senses

Washing the eyes with water, using a neti pot to clean the sinuses and using a tongue scraper and oil pulling (gargling oil such as coconut) to clear excess ama or digestive impurities from the tongue.


Abhyanga or self-massage is a great way to tone the skin and muscles whilst calming the mind and soothing the nervous system. Using your preferred oil (I like sweet almond) massage the head, face and neck. Follow this by massaging the arms and legs using long up and down strokes. Use a circular motion going clockwise over the tummy finishing with up and down strokes along the feet. It is also a good idea to wait a few minutes before showering to allow the oil to soak in.

Yoga & Breathing Exercises

Now it is time for your daily exercise or Vyayama. Exercise is a great way to get the blood flowing and endorphins released. Your exercise could be a brisk walk, some yoga, a bike ride or basically anything that gets you moving. Pranayama techniques can be quite varied so it might be helpful to practice these with a teacher or just begin with diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing), breathing in through the nose for a count of 3 allowing the tummy to expand then breathing out the mouth slowly for a count of 3 as the tummy gently moves back down.

Be here now

A meditation practice is essential if we are to discover who we really are. The amount of time spent in silence increases our capacity for self-awareness. Daily practice is essential in cultivating this field of silence, as it is not possible to stop our thoughts, but we can learn to ease the fluctuations of our conceptual mind. Meditation brings us to an understanding that we are more than our thoughts, actions, and feelings, creating distance between our thinking mind and what we may refer to as our soul or jiva. We see beyond our perceived reality learning to connect to our awareness and live more in the present moment.


Daily bathing is another way we can look after our body as it removes dirt and sweat, keeping us refreshed and energised. A warm shower in the morning is a great way to refresh and start the day.


Ayurveda tends to favour warm cooked nutritious food. Understanding your dosha and acknowledging the season is important as it means we are nourishing the body with the necessary seasonal foods. This will support our own internal homeostasis and our external environment.

Work it out

Mid-Morning is a great time to be productive. Whether it is work or study this is a time when the energy from the sun is rising, peaking around lunchtime. We can harness this energy from mid-morning to early afternoon utilising this to get focused and busy on our projects.

Lunch Break

Lunch is best taken when the sun is at its highest as it is also believed that our digestion works best around this time. Making lunch the biggest meal of the day may help if you struggle to digest a heavy meal later. Remember an Ayurvedic diet prefers cooked foods over lots of cold salads and juices so perhaps planning your meals ahead of time will help ensure you eat healthy.

Afternoon Pick Me Up

Many people notice a dip of energy mid-afternoon. Energy from the sun is beginning to dwindle around this time and Ayurveda encourages us to notice the elements and how these affect us. It might help to take a walk-in nature or take rest with yoga nidra. Either one of these will boost your energy and may be more beneficial than a caffeine or sugar filled snack which will affect sleep patterns later.

Evening Meal

Eat dinner before the sun goes down, which can differ during the winter and summer seasons. Aiming for around 5pm and no later than 7pm is a good option and will help will digestion and sleep.

Time for bed

An ideal bedtime should be no later than 10pm. This will ensure you get the adequate 7-8 hours rest. Slowing down in the evening, lessening screen time and the temptation to work will help improve sleep. Creating a calming space will also help, so no television or bright lights. Filling your bedroom with soothing scents like lavender and vetiver and using cotton bedsheets and supportive pillows will make your nights rest as comfortable as possible.

Remember this is a general guide to live by, helping you to maintain a routine that supports your wellbeing. There may be days when your routines differ such as when you travel so it is perfectly ok to just do a few of the steps if the whole routine feels too much or does not fit your schedule.

I hope you enjoy establishing a new routine and that this brings you more energy, health, and happiness.


Restorative Yoga for Deep Rest

Restorative Yoga for Deep Rest – A 2 hour workshop including Restorative, Yin Yoga, Breathwork (pranayama) and Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation)

These workshops are a great support for those dealing with stress. Restorative yoga uses props so we can rest and relax deeply into postures, to encourage the body to take deep rest when needed, so that we have time to heal, restore and reserve our energy for when it’s needed.

£20 session

Next sessions

Friday 28th May*FULL 11th June, 2nd July, 3rd Sept, 1st Oct, 12th Nov & 10th Dec

7pm – 9pm at Lymm Heritage Centre, 1 Legh St, Lymm Village WA13 0DA

Booking essential as spaces are limited – book via the button below

‘my path to self discovery’

An honest post on how I got into yoga (contains subjects around domestic violence)

A tiny hut in Key West is where my yoga journey began. I remember my first class well – the tightness in my body, my arms shaking in downward facing dog and thinking how the teacher looked so graceful whilst I felt like I could hardly move. The feeling I got after the class though and what I experienced during savasana had me hooked. I remember thinking “I want to teach this I need to tell other people how amazing yoga is.”

This was 1997 and I would not embark on my teacher training until 2010. Why take so long? Well there are many reasons as to why I took this stop gap and I would like to share just a little bit with you about my own personal journey. Many of us have our issues growing up and it is rare to make it to adulthood completely unscathed. My issues centred around feelings of abandonment, loss, rejection, and abuse. Being adopted, the traumatic loss of my adopted dad at 13, plus years of mistrust and abuse that followed. This all left me with an exceptionally low opinion of myself and a lack of self-worth, which then led me to a violent relationship. 

Why am I sharing this? Well part of me wants people to understand how ‘ a nice girl like me’, as has been said to me numerous times, can end up being the victim of domestic violence. I also want to share how powerful yoga can be in the journey to healing the past. 

I never wanted to be seen as a victim I knew how much strength it had taken to leave this relationship, but without the distractions and chaos that this brought I was left alone to face my demons and it wasn’t easy. I turned to drink, another abusive relationship and behaviours that would mean I did not have to feel what I was experiencing, which was physically painful and mentally challenging. Through my yoga practice and counselling I began the road to recovery. It was tough and there were times when I wanted to run out of the room. I would miss sessions by practicing avoidance, convincing myself I no longer enjoyed the class or did not like my counsellor anymore.

I kept going though. One of my favourite inspirational quotes is by Winston Churchill “if you’re going through hell, keep going”, and that is exactly what I did.

The word yoga means to be present and to be embodied, to notice what is really going on both physically and mentally. You cannot escape you. I enjoy this practice now – noticing how my body feels physically, where I am holding my tension and how I am feeling emotionally. I listen to my feelings and responses with a sense of curiosity and interest. Through yoga I understand that I am not defined by my past and these experiences have actually equipped me with a huge understanding and empathy towards others, an ability to bear witness to the stories of other peoples’ pain.

It is my belief we can all heal from our past, whether you are on a journey like myself or want to increase your sense of wellness and are curious how yoga movements and mediation can help. The teachings offer us all an insight into how we can help ourselves and navigate our way on our true path.

I wish you well on your journey,

With warmth,


Cheshire Yoga Babies New 2021 Term Times

Explore, play & relax – enjoy the benefits of Yoga for you and your baby. * Babies from 6 weeks to 12 months 

Class Times & Locations

Tuesdays 1130am (babies from 6 weeks) then  1pm  (babies from 12 weeks ) held at InHale Yoga Studio, 1st Floor Progress House, Cecil Road, Hale WA15 9NZ

Thursdays 10am (babies from 6 weeks) held at Lymm Heritage Centre, 1 Legh Street, Lymm WA13 0DA

New Term Times for Spring & Summer Terms

Tuesday Hale Classes (1130am &  1pm) 

Spring Term  20th April – 25th May (last class)*FULL

Summer Term 8th June – 13th July (last class)

Thursday Lymm Class Term Times

Spring Term  22nd April -27th May (last class)*FULL

Summer Term  10th June – 15th July (last class)


Visit the online store below to book your place. Classes last for 60 minutes and include baby massage, sensory and yoga and post natal yoga for mums (terms can be joined anytime subject to availability)

Cost for either 6 week term £54 includes Free Post Natal Recovery Course – Yours to Keep!

To book your place visit the online store below or  contact

The Benefits of Mother & Baby Yoga

For Baby:

Helps settle baby, improving your baby’s sleeping patterns

Interactive and physical activity helps to strengthen & aid your baby’s development

Stimulates the baby’s bodily systems, including digestive and nervous systems

Aids digestion, which can help to ease constipation, wind and colic

Bonding – enhances the relationship between you & your baby

New challenges helping your baby to cope with new situations

Helps strengthen your baby’s body including their spine

Promotes muscle strength and joint flexibility

Introduces techniques to help your baby relax and become a natural self-soother.

For Mum:

Improves your posture, strength and flexibility which will help with lifting and carrying your growing baby

Post-natal exercises to tone the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor

Release physical and mental tension with Yoga stretches and breathing

Relaxation techniques to help you to cope with the stresses of new parenthood

Bonding – spend special time with you and your baby exploring new challenges and having fun

Get to know other mums, dads or carers and share experiences.


This class has been my favourite, I’ve loved it all and feel I have genuinely improved my pelvic floor. I’m now more aware of doing my exercises etc. So just wanted to say a massive thank you! You’re great! – G.C.

Why it’s great to be grateful.

If you’ve been to class recently you may have heard me mention showing gratitude or being thankful for our practice. Well there’s a reason for this as after some recent research it appears that being grateful really does have a positive effect on our emotional brain. In fact it’s a sign of emotional well being and intelligence. Even the process of thinking and searching for something to feel thankful about enhances the production of serotonin and dopamine(feel good hormones) automatically lifting our mood and making us feel better. Although this isn’t a natural process for most of us we have to remember to do this. So why not get yourself a gratitude jar…..a friend brought me one of these a few years ago which you fill with notes of anything that you’re thankful for. Or pop a reminder on your fridge…What am I Grateful for today? Try asking yourself this now. For me it’s having an opportunity to help out a friend and fellow yoga teacher this morning by covering his class last minute, having food in my cupboards and time in my day to practice Yoga.

Gratitude requires thought but it’s by giving it some attention that we begin to feel it’s benefits. Perhaps take a moment to sit with these thoughts of thankfulness in meditation you’ll be surprised how good it feels. And lastly our deepest sense of gratitude comes through grace and being humble, if you can cultivate these feelings alongside whatever your object of gratitude is placed on you’ll find it quite impossible to feel negative, no matter how hard things get there is also something you can find to feel grateful for.

Pregnancy Flow Yoga Classes


Tuesdays 730pm – 830pm at Lymm Heritage Centre, 1 Legh St. Lymm WA13 0DA

Pre book as only 6 per class. 

£60 for 6 weeks guarantees a place or £10 drop in if a space becomes free. 

Classes are created for the 2nd and 3rd trimester or pregnancy. 

Benefits of practicing Prenatal Yoga?

Yoga strengthens the body helping it to cope with the extra weight of carrying your baby. Yoga poses focus on correct postural alignment helping women to understand the changes and effects pregnancy can have on their bodies.

Regular practice can help relieve physical tension and stresses from the body, which often build up as a result of the baby growing, circulation is improved so that swelling due to the extra fluid and blood flow is less likely, this also assists with lymphatic drainage enhancing immunity and creating a healthier environment for you and your baby.

Practicing Yoga whilst pregnant can help to lift your mood at a time when you can feel overwhelmed. Yoga helps you to accept and understand the changes that may be occurring hormonally and the effects this can have both physically and physiologically.

Pregnancy Yoga incorporates various breathing techniques to calm the nervous system helping you to feel more relaxed through pregnancy, these breathing exercises are also beneficial during labour helping you to stay calm and in control no matter what path the birth takes.

Meditation and Visualisation exercises help deal with anxiety and quieten an over active mind aiding relaxation, better sleep and an overall greater sense of wellbeing.

Yoga for Pregnancy – One to One sessions available

Each session lasts for 1 hour and can be taken at your home address or chosen location. Visit the online store to book a class or 1:1

Gift vouchers are available.


New Live Online Weekly Classes

Choose from Weekly Live Stream Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Live Stream Yoga Classes via Zoom

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Tuesdays 615pm and Fridays 10am

Visit the Online Store to book a class

The Zoom meeting ID and password will be sent at the time of booking. All classes are £6 drop in

Just a couple of considerations before you practice.

Make sure you have a yoga mat and there’s plenty of space around you.

Do not practice straight after eating and do drink plenty of water after class.

Enjoy your practice and if you do have any feedback or requests on future classes I’d love to hear from you.

No refunds will be made once the class has commenced.
If you have any injuries or medical conditions including pregnancy, it is essential that you consult your doctor prior to taking part.
By joining the class you are accepting full responsibility for your own safety and recognise that in absence of a physically present teacher, it is your responsibility ensure that you stay within your own physical limits.

Exploring the Chakras Workshop

Exploring the Chakras Workshop – Saturday 25th January 2020 @haleyogastudios 2pm – 430pm

Chakras are the bridge between the conscious mind and our bodies. These energy centres govern our physical and emotional well being. However certain influences from conditioning, lifestyle and past issues can affect there overall function and ability to create harmony within.
Join me for an opportunity to explore this energectic system and the self through movement, relaxation, chanting and meditation. A chance to balance, heal and transform built up stress and tensions. The yoga will include meditative yin, slow flow yoga and grounding restorative postures. We will complete the afternoon with Yoga Nidra (often referred to as yogic sleep) to fully relax the senses and to set clear intentions (sankalpa) so we may continue our transformational journey.
Workshop includes herbal tea on arrival and healthy treat to finish.

2pm – 430pm Saturday 25th April 2020

Held at Hale Yoga Studio, Ashley Road, Hale

Workshop costs £25 – booking is necessary as this is a small studio and spaces are limited. Contact to book or use the Book Your Place button below