Weekly Classes at Lymm Heritage Centre

Weekly Classes at Lymm Heritage Centre

Tuesdays Vinyasa Flow Yoga 615pm – 715pm (Open Level Class)

Tuesdays Pregnancy Flow Yoga 730pm – 830pm (2nd/3rd Trimester)

Thursdays Mum & Baby Yoga 10am – 11am (babies from 6 weeks)

Pre Book Only due to covid-19 rules. Please bring your own mat.

Class is £10 drop in or Buy a 4 class pass £35 (passes to be used consecutively)

If you require more information on classes please contact Maria info@mariayoga.co.uk otherwise visit the online store below to book your place.

Winter Solstice Flow & Restore

Winter Solstice Flow & Restore

Winter a magical season and a time for nurturing, self reflection and rest. However we seem to do anything but, as the festive season sees us burning the candle at both ends. It’s no wonder we find ourselves comprised and exhausted.

So why not give yourselves a well deserved break and join me for an opportunity to explore the self through movement, relaxation and meditation.
The yoga will include slow vinyasa flow, and grounding restorative postures to release any accumulated tension and restore balance. We will complete the afternoon with an aromatherapy infused Yoga Nidra (often referred to as yogic sleep) to fully relax the senses and to set an intention (sankalpa) for the season ahead. Workshop includes herbal tea on arrival and healthy treat to finish.

2pm – 430pm Saturday 21st December 2019

Held at Hale Yoga Studio, Ashley Road, Hale WA15 9SD

Workshop costs £25 – booking is necessary as this is a small studio and spaces are limited. Book via the Button below

Pregnancy Yoga Flow Routine

pregnancy dancer outsideI’ve been practicing Yoga all the way through my pregnancy and have found this incredibly beneficial with helping to support my changing body, keeping my mind calm and finding that special time where I can relax and focus on my baby. I thought it would be great to share this with you so here’s a quick Yoga Flow workout for you all to enjoy during pregnancy. * always consult your GP or midwife before you commence in any exercise program.

 Pregnancy Yoga Flow Routine

The Sun Salutations have been adapted to accommodate your changing body and bump. Feel free to hold postures slightly longer perhaps 5 to 10 breaths and repeat the sequence between 3 – 6 times. Always let the breath lead you into the Yoga asanas (poses) and practice breathing consciously (Ujjai Breath is ideal), never force the postures this should feel like your gently opening the body up. Be mindful of your own posture drawing attention to pelvic alignment, keeping a slight lift in the pelvic floor and feeling like your gently hugging your baby towards you. Allow your shoulders to draw back slightly so that your chest is open and keep your jaw and facial muscles soft and relaxed.

You can relax at the end in Savasana either using cushions or Yoga bolsters for support and lying on your left side if lying on your back is no longer comfortable, close the eyes and visualise your baby happy, peaceful and content as you also rest feeling completely relaxed and at ease.

Living in the moment……practising Mindfulness

purchase Lyrica in canada Living in the moment……practising Mindfulness liveinthemoment

Nowhere to go, nothing to do. This is a simple mantra that I often use at the end of class during savasana. Of course we all have lots to do and places to go but I like to remind everyone that just for a moment none of that matters. I realise this is easier said than done because the first time I heard the mantra my reaction was to immediately think of all the things that I must do and cursed the teacher for reminding me. However, what we need to accept is that none of these thoughts entering our minds do matter, at least not for the time we are in Savasana, not if we are practising Sati or Smrti (mindfulness) and living in the moment.

In the Yoga Sutra, the sage Patanjali defined yoga as citta vritti nirodha, which translated roughly means when you cease to identify with your ever-changing thoughts, you experience the state of yoga: the heart, body, and mind unify, and you recognize your true nature. Practising Vinyasa Flow Yoga which can be seen as a moving meditation is a means of experiencing this.

It’s not easy to lessen the flow of mind traffic. Our minds are always on the go these days and constantly looking for stimulation. We worry about the future and our past actions and it can be difficult to just be and seize the moment. As John Lennon said “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. If there is one thing I’ve discovered on my Yoga journey is that I’m guilty like most people of this. So my Sadhana (dedication) on this journey is to practice living in the moment, not worrying about the past or the future and reminding myself that during Savasana there really is nowhere to go and nothing to do.Santa Monica Cape Verde