Beginners Yoga with MIO Skincare

I recently teamed up with Mio Skincare to bring you the 5 top Yoga Poses for Beginners.

Mio have a wonderful range of products including their Liquid Yoga candles and I’m absolutely in love with their dry body brush which I use daily (sometimes twice) along with my own handmade Pure Bliss aromatherapy body oil.

So check out the blog from myself and Mio below and enjoy the benefits of Yoga and beautiful skin.


Yoga has been recognised worldwide as one of the most effective ways to calm your mind and relax your body. It not only helps lift you into a cloud of zen but it helps muscle tension and flexibility. Anyone can do yoga from young to old and the more practise you have, the easier it becomes and the more your body gets used to it. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, yoga is a great way to take a moment out of your day to focus on your body and your breathing. So mio caught up wtith the wonderful yogi Maria Kelly to give you 5 of the best yoga positions for beginners.

Child’s Pose

miochilds-poseChilds Pose – a grounding restful pose that has a soothing effect on the brain. Here the feet, ankles and legs are stretched whilst hips are gently encouraged to open and the spine lengthened. This pose is perfect for those days when you’re physically tired but the mind is still busy. Stay here for a few minutes to feel the full benefits.



Downward Facing dog

miodogDownward Dog – practising downward facing dog regularly will help to elongate and lengthen the spine benefiting the central nervous system. This posture also stretches the backs of the legs. Whilst strengthening the arms and shoulders.



High Lunge Pose


High Lunge Pose – Stretches and tones the legs. It lengthens the spine and stretches the chest muscles making it easier to take deeper breathes increasing lung capacity and stamina. It can help relieve sciatica.




Mountain Pose


Mountain Pose – the most important pose for all beginners to practice. Mountain pose improves posture by creating an awareness of unhealthy postural habits. It helps to strengthen the legs, bum and abdomen which creates better stability and balance. Standing tall opens the chest muscles encouraging deeper breathing which calms the mind.



Triangle Pose

miotriangleTriangle pose – when performed this yoga pose increases mobility in the hip joints. Lengthens the spine and tones the legs, stimulates the flow of blood through the entire body improving cell growth and internal organ function this encourages healthy skin and aids digestion. Proprioception (spacial awareness)  is also experienced along with an increased sense of balance.

Pure Bliss Savasana Oil TM


Pure Bliss Savasana Bath & Body Oil tm

Pure Bliss Savasana oil has a wonderful calming yet uplifting effect. A blend of Lavender, Geranium & Sweet Orange feel the days tension release when you apply this oil to either a relaxing massage or simply by adding a few drops into your bath.

100ml £8.95

50ml £5.95

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Lavender – A calming and relaxing oil great for aiding sleep, an anti inflammatory so can help with skin conditions such as eczema.

Geranium – This oil has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system and balances hormones. (One of my favourites)

Sweet Orange – A warm cheerful, uplifting oil can help with lack of energy and depression.

Directions for use – Simply pour a small amount of Pure Bliss Savasana Oil into your bath then submerge yourself. The oil will stay on your body so no need to moisturise after your bath. Alternatively this can be used to massage into the skin. Avoid using this on any areas of broken skin.

Hand made using 100% Pure Aromatherapy Oils Pure Bliss Savasana Oil


Having sampled at the end of your yoga classes, its great to have at home, as it really does have a calming yet uplifting effect. I put some under my pillow at night and find it helps me to relax, sleep well and most importantly recharge. – Leanne

Being a beauty product junkie I didn’t hesitate to purchase Maria’s Pure Bliss Savasana Oil. After a long tiring week I added a few drops to my bath and WOW I’m glad I did! Not only did this smell amazing but the oil turned my normal evening bath into a relaxing and luxurious experience which left my skin feeling so silky and hydrated that there was no need to moisturise afterwards. I would truly recommend this and will be purchasing a second bottle once I run out. – Kaya Manchester