5 Immune Boosting Tips

This time of year can be especially difficult to keep the bugs at bay. It’s been so cold and wet recently I’ve felt my immune and lymphatic system has been pushed to it’s limits.

If you’ve been feeling the strain then here are 5 handy immune boosting tips that I use to help restore some balance and encourage my immunity to thrive.

1. Sleep ….ah the elusive sleep. I’ve had my fair share of sleep deprivation which has made me realise just how important this is. That and reading Why we Sleep by Matthew Walker (highly recommended). Amongst other things our body heals and repairs when we sleep. If you’re finding it difficult to get your full 8 hours then try yoga nidra (awakened sleep) this will help you rest and recharge even if you practice for 20 mins. Visit my free mediations for a guided yoga nidra practice.

2. Warm foot baths. My latest obsession to give my lymphatic system a boost. I was recently made aware of the benefits of these foot baths and now do them when either working on my laptop…yes my feet are submerged right now or when watching the tv. Our lymphatic system is mainly stimulated when we move which isn’t great for sedentary workers. However soaking your feet in warm water (I like to add lavender and epsom salts also) helps to boost our lymphatic flow, remember this system is part of your immune system helping to fight infection.

3. Exercise. Whether it’s yoga, boot camps or walking that you prefer. Make sure you get some exercise. This is so beneficial to our immunity. When we exercise we also secrete happy hormones these help to counteract our stress hormones which break down our immunity. Exercising also stimulates our respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

4. Fresh Air. It’s free and usually fresh…. depending on where you live of course! Getting outdoors definitely lifts my mood even if it’s just a brisk walk to the school gates. Being outside and also around nature can help to put problems into perspective and give us a deeper understanding of ourselves. Whether it’s the beach or a woodland find some time to get outdoors.

5. Vitamins and Probiotics. Yes I’m a fan of supplements, gut health is so important for our immunity. Its not always easy getting the right balance through our diets so I believe supplements are necessary. If your not sure contact your local nutritionist for more help and advice.

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